Sponsorship Profile Strata Solar: 2018 Virginia Meritage Sponsor

Strata Solar

“Pioneering an industry, transforming markets” – a mission statement that perfectly describes our newest sponsor and Gloucester business, Strata Solar.

Founded in 2008 in Chapel Hill, NC by Markus and Cathy Wilhelm, Strata went from residential to commercial, before becoming a leader in full scale utility solar projects. With Strata’s unique approach, North Carolina was quickly elevated to #2 in the country for installed solar capacity. Regularly ranked among the industry’s leading solar companies, Strata is consistently recognized for its commitment to quality, safety and for simply making solar work.
We are delighted to welcome Strata Solar to Gloucester County, where their 19.8 MW project will supply enough electricity to power more than 4000 homes. It is the first large scale solar farm to be built on the Middle Peninsula and we are so pleased to welcome them as a 2018 Gloucester Wine Festival Sponsor and Chamber Partner!

Their Virginia Meritage Sponsorship of this year’s festival, underwrites the incredible shuttle service that will be in constant rotation from Ware Academy to Brent and Becky’s Festival grounds! Although the shuttle busses use gasoline, one might say that this year’s busses are “powered by solar!”

Thank you, Strata Solar!