Sponsor Profile Grand Rental Station of Gloucester: 2016 Virginia Terroir

GrandRentalStationWelcome, Grand Rental Station in Gloucester, to the Virginia Terroir Level Sponsorship!

Since 2005, Grand Rental Station of Gloucester has worked hard to earn every customer by building on relationships that yield return customers and referrals to friends and business peers. GRS maintains their devotion to special occasions with expert care and a strong passion for event producing. They know their customers want to host a seamless event from start to finish. Grand Rental Station provides comfort and functionality with their quality tents and entertaining supplies that meet the needs of all events, large and small, leaving hosts with more time to focus on creating a memorable event for everyone in attendance! Because of that commitment to quality and service, GRS will be the 2016 Gloucester Wine Festival Virginia Terroir Sponsorship. Because of their sponsorship this year, the Festival will be able to accommodate more guests, and provide seamless experience of getting to and from The Festival from the parking located at Ware Academy, all without any long wait times. Attendees will be able to park their car, get on the convenient motor coaches at the Grand Rental Station shuttle station and ride in luxury on a Newton Bus Service, Inc. luxury bus quickly to the grounds at Brent and Becky’s Bulbs. When guests are ready to leave, just find the Grand Rental Station Shuttle Station to hop the quick ride back to your car.

Terroir is French for earth or soil, and means the natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as topography and climate. The Virginia Terroir Sponsorship allows the Wine Festival to hit the ground running with the transportation needed to help make this festival begin and end on a successful note for every guest.

In addition, Aaron has generously donated a stage, tables and chairs, the Food Garden Tent, coffee makers and more to the 2015 Gloucester Wine Festival, helping us put on this annual event and keep ticket prices low!

Aaron  and Grand Rental Station provides a quality rental service to the Middle Peninsula community. Grand Rental Station is also a great place to start, when preparing your business or home for Natural Disasters, with chainsaws, generators, and more. 

“We specialize in providing products for the Do-It-Your-Self-ers and landscapers in the area by providing top of the line products from Bobcat, Vermeer, Husqvarna and many more,” Aaron writes on his web site. “To help our customers, we offer a variety of discounts including military, church, school and contractor discounts. If you are in the local area we can also deliver your rentals right to your door step or job site.”

Learn more about Grand Rental Station of Gloucester here and be sure to thank Aaron for his Gloucester Wine Festival support by renting from him!